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Uniform Residential Loan Application This application is designed to be completed by the applicant(s) with the Lender's assistance. Applicants should complete this form as Born r” or “Co-Borrower”
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The name, address and phone number or website address of the person(s) to whom the loan will be applied must also be provided when it is necessary to determine and verify the eligibility of the loan applicant or the applicant's spouse. Applicant information should be filled out completely; including social security number (if any); date of birth, address; and Social Security Number (SSN). This form must be accompanied by a signed copy of the co-borrower's income tax return and must be prepared accordingly. Income verification of co-borrowers is required to be submitted by a certified copy of the application or statement of co-borrower tax return and the copy of the co-borrower's income tax return; and must be prepared accordingly. Income verification of co-borrowers must include a statement indicating total income for each co-borrower during any period of time in which the borrower was a borrower on a loan made under the Originating Loan. If co-borrowers do not provide certified information on the Form 2818 or have failed to provide an appropriate name on the Form 2818 signed with their social security number, the lender must contact them and request the social security number. Borrower information must be submitted as Born Pequot; or quot;or quot;Co-borrower; as applicable. Borrower names, addresses, phone numbers, websites address and website; must also be submitted when it is necessary for the lender to verify the income and assets of the borrower's co-borrower. If the co-borrower does not provide a complete and accurate signed copy of his/her income tax return for the applicable tax year, the lender must contact and obtain and sign a copy for the co-borrower. The loan must be signed and dated by all co-borrowers. Lender is responsible for reviewing completed applications and documentation carefully. Each application will be considered for potential approval, regardless of size or the loan amount. The completed loan application must be accompanied by a signed, dated and dated copy of the co-borrower's income tax return. The completed application, with the signed and dated co-borrower copy will be sent to the lender. If a loan is approved, the borrower and co-borrower must comply with all loan eligibility requirements, such as proof of income, credit history and repayment plans.
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Instructions and Help about uniform residential application
Hi everyone Terrence Brandy here and in this video I'm going to walk you through the standard loan application form also known as the uniform residential loan application which is a standardized form created by Fannie Mae and used in every residential mortgage transaction regardless of whether it's a refinancing construction or purchase and this is an important application in that it kick-starts the entire loan process, and it's important to put accurate and detailed information on this because this is what lenders and banks are going to be using to determine your ability to secure mortgage loan based on this information so with that said we'll jump in the first section is the type of mortgage in terms of the loan and if you're applying for a loan you may not know what type of loan product you're going to be applying for or the terms of those of the loans every loan is different and so you know you may know the amount the loan amount so say if you're going to be purchasing a home for $400,000, and you're going to be putting a down payment of $100,000 the loan amount would be three hundred thousand, so you can put that in box there you may not know what the going interest rates are and really a lot of that's going to be determined by your conversations with your loan originator so if you do know this information great I'll kind of put in what today's rates for a 30-year fixed about three and a percent and number of months it's going to be the number ones for the loan and a 30-year fixed across our time is twelve months is 360 months, and it's a fixed rate product so with that we'll go down to our two section two and pretty self-explanatory this is where you're going to put the address for the property you're attempting to secure a loan against so if it's your current home, and you already have a mortgage on, and you're looking to refinance you'll just put your current address if it's a property that you are purchasing well then you'll put the address of that said property as far as the number of units if it's single-family residence it's one unit residential mortgage loans all the way up to four units so duplexes triplexes quad or four unit properties the legal description you can leave blank we'll pull that information from the title report as well as the year build the purpose alone pretty self-explanatory in this case we're going to say its purchase and this section here is fairly important this is determining how you're going to be occupying the property and if it's going to be your primary residence whether it's going to be secondary residence which is like a vacation home or if it's going to be an investment property which is also known there's non-owner occupied meaning you're not going to be occupying the property that you'll probably be leasing it out to a tenant, so this is very important to be to disclose what your intentions are with the purchases' property we're going to save right now that it's going to be our primary residence this...
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